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Private Seller Financing and Dodd Frank Regulations

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Article by: by Emily Dressler 12.12.13   The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was initially passed in 2010 in response to the mortgage crisis and the late-2000s recession. This Act has brought significant changes to financial regulations, and with new regulations taking effect after January10, 2014, will continue to bring significant […]

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act

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Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act – Extended Through 2013   Good news for those who are contemplating or completing a short sale, the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act has been extended through 2013. If you had mortgage debt forgiven this past year, whether it was through a short sale or perhaps mortgage modification then you may be […]

Invest Your Rent

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Why Pay Your Landlord’s Mortgage? Invest your rent. It makes financial sense because the only one who benefits from a rent check is the landlord. Renters never see that money again, while homeowners usually profit when they sell. In addition, renters can’t use any of their rent payment as a tax deduction, like homeowners can. […]

Keys To Qualify For A Home Purchase Loan: What You Need In The Current Market

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Keys To Qualify For A Home Purchase Loan: What You Need In The Current Market With home prices having decreased significantly, rising rents and the lowest interest rates in a generation, home affordability has dramatically increased and once again makes more sense for many potential buyers.    As a result we have seen a tremendous […]