Fall in Love with Arizona’s Great Outdoors

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Aided with a very rich environment – having around 85% of Arizona land dedicated to forests, parks, wilderness, wildlife preserves, recreation areas and Native American reservations, the state of Arizona calls to preserve this lavish environment they were blessed with.

Arizona National Trails

Arizona National Trails

The great outdoors serves as home to thousands of flora and fauna (with the famous Sonoran Desert, the most biologically diverse desert ecosystem in the Americas, covers a large part in Arizona) and serves as a wonder for man to explore. With breathtaking and vibrant scenery, Arizona is the perfect place to go hiking, spelunking and exploring the great outdoors. You’ll surely fall in love with Arizona’s hiking trails, peaks and caves but for the avid hikers, campers, spelunkers and outdoor-lovers, Arizona’s heaven to them.

There are numerous breathtaking hiking trails and sites in and around Arizona, one of which is the Arizona National Scenic Trail that stretches from Mexico to Utah crossing through the north-south length of Arizona. It is an 800-mile (1,300 km) long trail primarily designed for hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing. The trail showcases a wide variety of awe-inspiring mountain ranges and ecosystem that the beautiful state of Arizona has to offer. One of the many cities close by that can take advantage of these trails is Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

To see is to believe! Witness these beautiful feats, and immerse yourself and marvel in life’s bountiful blessings only here in Arizona.

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Fall in Love with Arizona’s Great Outdoors


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