The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

The divorce process is not only traumatic for both parties but can also wreak havoc on the family structure. Whether you are trying to resolve issues like child custody and visitation rights or property division, it is important to choose an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Augusta who can guide you through the process. While you may be tempted to save money by choosing a smaller law firm, you will find that a small practice can offer more personal attention and can be more familiar with the local judges and court systems.

A divorce attorney should be your greatest advocate during this emotional time. Your attorney should take the time to get to know you and your goals. They should be honest and understand the intricacies of family law. They should be knowledgeable about the current state of Georgia laws and how they apply to your specific case. In addition, they should be able to effectively communicate with you and your spouse during this difficult time.

During your initial consultation, you should ask your Divorce Lawyer in Augusta what kind of experience they have with family law cases. You can also discuss your specific situation with them to see if they would be the best fit for your needs. It is always a good idea to schedule a free initial consultation because it will give you an opportunity to get to know the attorney and feel comfortable with them.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the most efficient and cost-effective way to end a marriage. It is an alternative to litigation and allows couples to reach a mutual agreement on the major issues in their divorce. This includes dividing assets and debts, child custody arrangements, support payments and alimony. In an uncontested divorce, only one spouse files a petition or complaint for divorce and both parties sign a marital settlement agreement.

Davis, Chapman & Wilder LLC

Founded in 1946, the firm provides legal assistance for clients in family and criminal law cases. Its Augusta lawyers assist with cases involving child custody, visitation and support agreements and domestic violence claims. The team also represents clients in contested and uncontested divorces and provides mediation services to help couples settle their disputes. The attorneys at this firm are experienced and can represent clients in both English and Spanish.

Claridge Law Firm

The husband and wife legal team at the Claridge Law Firm provides legal representation to clients in family law matters. They handle divorces, child custody and visitation issues, paternity establishment, adoptions, and other family-related cases. The legal team also works with appraisers and business valuation specialists to ensure that the client receives an equitable share of high-net-worth properties in divorce proceedings. The firm handles cases in both federal and state courts.

Harrison & Medlin PC

The legal team at Harrison & Medlin PC offers skilled advocacy to clients in family, bankruptcy, and personal injury matters. They assist with divorces, including contested and uncontested proceedings, and work with forensic accountants to determine the value of various assets. The firm handles probate and real estate matters as well.